Thursday, January 13, 2011

Liberals Trying To Force the Palin's Into Witness Protection

I came across this video, which I will not embed due to the fact that I don't think it deserves to be spread, which was a compilation of death wishes posted on Twitter against not only Sarah Palin, but her family as well. I know linking to it isn't much different from posting it, but the fewer places it is visible the less chance that unhinged people like Lougher can stumble across it. Remember the same people expressing these vile thoughts are the same ones who decry the rhetoric heard on talk radio. I wonder which gets more attention, an AM talk radio show or a posting on widely used internet service?

I would think that the Palin's could pursue some legal process against these people. I would start first by getting a list of people using whatever legal route is required and then contacting the law enforcement for the area in which these people live pushing to press charges for communicating a threat. I would make a very public showing of doing exactly that, and then any law enforcement agency that refused to cooperate I would then shame publicly. The real simple question for law enforcement is do you want to be the next sheriff Dupnik who chooses to ignore death threats against your citizens? If that did not result in legal proceedings the next step would be to confront these people at home, at work, or anywhere else with video camera in tow and get them on tape responding to my question of here I am, do you want to shoot me?

You shine a very public light on them and not allow them to hide behind screen names and they will soon crawl back under the rock they came out from, but at the same time make a very public showing of naming and shaming them.

But that is just me. The fact is all of the Palin's are going to have to take extra security measures because of the vitriol, which is exactly what the left wants. They tried to bankrupt them with frivolous lawsuits and having failed that they are now trying to force them into what basically amounts to a witness protection program. Anything to get Sarah off the national stage, and it really is getting to a point where I now fear for her children, especially in light of some high profile folks, Kathy Gifford for example, who have declared that the kids are no longer off limits. In fact in some of these 'tweets' reference is made to the children. I don't know how Todd handles it without going off. He is a better man then me is all I can say. Political considerations be damned. You threaten my spouse and my family and you had better be prepared to defend yourself. The first rule of gun safety, which was beat into my head at a young age, was never point a weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot. Using this sort of language is the same as pointing a loaded weapon at somebody and goes beyond any sort of rhetorical flourish.

The left is making it easy for me to vote for Sarah for president, if for no other reason then to get her the Secret Service protection she needs to protect herself from these self identified nuts. The other point they don't seem to get is she may have faded long ago if it wasn't for the lefts obsession with her.

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druu222 said...

You know what is truly appalling?  It is said, plausibly, (I don't have absolute facts so I'll leave it at that), that the death threats against the Palin's, which were already numerous, have ratcheted way up since the weekend.

So, God Above Forbid, if something were to happen to her or her family.... would not the left and media establishment be totally, unquivicably, and inarguably guilty of exactly what they have UNFAIRLY been accusing Palin of all week??  Could anyone doubt that the kind of rhetoric they have been spewing, and not even in a general sense as Palin is accused of, but in a very specific and targeted (ahem) sense at her in particular, could possibly set off some other nut case in this environment?? Palin remains innocent of this genuine blood libel, they would be incontrovertably guilty of it in a quite specific manner were such an awful thing to happen.

All true, all true. And they will pull their own teeth out with pliers before ever dreaming of admitting it.