Monday, March 14, 2011

'Celebrity Apprentice' Dealt Mortal Blow

Richard Hatch of 'Survivor' fame for winning that contest while traipsing around the beach in the nude has been ordered to prison to start serving a 9 month prison sentence. He is currently a contestant on Donald Trumps reality show 'Celebrity Apprentice'.
Richard Hatch -- the guy who won $1 million on Season 1 of "Survivor" -- has been ordered to surrender to U.S. marshals by NOON today to begin a 9-month prison sentence for not paying taxes on the prize money.

Guess he's fired, huh? I don't quite get the whole thing about how much of the Apprentice has already been filmed except for the final episode which is broadcast live. How do they keep that under wraps for so long?

BTW, just from watching this show this season my opinion of Dionne Warwick has really plummeted. She is a vain, condescending, arrogant, bitter bitch, who is used to getting her way simply because other people stand in reverence to her, to put it politely.

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rich b said...

I guess he'll have to just swallow his punishment and don't drop the soap. Then again that might be one of his goals.