Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Expert Train Rider Joe Biden Finally Gets His Props

Why any politician would want his name attached to a taxpayer-subsidized fiscal sinkhole like Amtrak is...

Never mind. This all makes perfect sense.
Frequent train rider, Vice President Joe Biden will be forever linked with the Wilmington train station.

In honor of the long-time Amtrak rider and strong advocate of passenger rail, the newly renovated station will be dedicated as the Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Railroad Station on Saturday.

As a U.S. Senator from Delaware for 36 years, Biden regularly traveled by train between Wilmington and Washington, D.C.

Wilmington Station underwent a nearly two-year, $37.7-million renovation. Funding for the project included $20 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The station is the 12th busiest in the Amtrak system, serving more than 696,000 passengers in Fiscal Year 2010. SEPTA and Delaware Transit Corporation passengers also use the station.

Amtrak said passengers will enjoy a larger concourse, safety improvements and a new passenger information display system. The renovation also included enhancements to the station's accessibility for people with disabilities.
Perhaps Biden will call on Chuck Graham to test out the new wheelchair ramps during Saturday's ceremony.



rich b said...

So Joe "Dan Quayle" Biden rides the train to work. Big fucking deal! And I guess if he ate shit sandwiches for lunch every day he'd lobby for turd bucks at taxpayer expense. He is the epitome of waste and stupidity in D.C.

rich b said...

WTF good are trains when no one but dumb-ass politicians and a small number of commuters who ride, gonna do for America? Regular grade Gas hit five dollars a gallon here in Los Angeles weeks ago. WTF are the enviromentalists, bunny-huggers, Biden and Omama gonna do about that other than defy the SCOTUS? America needs Nuclear (despite the hysteria being created by the media) Coal, Natural Gas and Crude and we need to get cracking now. Trains my ass!

msr said...

They probably named the station after him since he's the only one who uses it.

Flight-ER-Doc said...

Can't wait to use the mens room in that station.