Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Important Question Facing the World: Where's Katie Couric Going?

Next to the crisis in Japan, the slaughter in Libya, and Obama's basketball picks, is there a more pressing matter facing the world today than which network gets to throw money at Katie Couric in return for abysmal ratings?
CBS News may face a future without Katie Couric.

So what?

Just as the world focuses on a catastrophe across the globe, and some smaller ones here, comes another round of "What Will Katie Do" stories in advance of her contract expiration in May.

At this point, the ongoing drumbeat about what she'll do - which seems to have gone on now for three years - may just be the longest goodbye in history.

So far, the only job not the subject of a Couric trial balloon is writing this column - at least not yet. And it will stay this way until Couric actually speaks for herself.

If she's leaving, then the only game that matters will start - who will get the seat?

Let's stop dancing around the issue: CBS News executives could put a cantaloupe behind the desk and get similar Nielsen ratings to what they're getting now.

No knock on Couric, she is a superstar and a talented journalist, but when it comes to the ratings, there's little evidence that her being there or not will change the fate of "Evening News."
She's a "superstar" and a "talented journalist"? Where is the evidence of that? If she was such a star, why is nobody watching and why aren't CBS executives tripping over themselves to lock up such a talented journalist?

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rich b said...

Ms Perky peaked when she had a camera shoved up her ass. It's been all downhill from there.