Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old and Busted Pro-Choice Mantra: "Safe, Legal & Rare" ~ The New Hotness: We ♥ Abortion

What a sickening display this is.

Although I must admit the "How can you trust me with a child?" sign is surprisingly thought-provoking.

Well played, Ms. Moonbat. I can certainly understand why you might not want to punish yourself with a baby. What a drag that would be! But have you considered a chastity belt? A tubal ligation? Or, perhaps - not sleeping around so much? Those are all fairly effective methods of birth control, and none of them involve killing babies.

Just sayin'.

h/t: Breitbart. Cross-posted.


uncledan said...

This is one of those articles I see that makes me say, "Yup, I'm definitely a Conservative."

rich b said...

More sleazy shit from the left. Anyone surprised? Abortion is NOT a form of birth control. Why is it, that after over thirty-seven years, the left and feminists of America have never been able to grasp that simple fact

And I've never understood the cavaliere attitude towards killing unborn babies from people who claim they would risk their lives to save goats, cats, dogs, whales, chickens, bugs, etc. It just doesn't jibe. And I am an animal lover but human life takes precedent.

And I agree that some of these pukes maybe should never have been born in the first place. They're adding nothing to the gene pool which by now needs a massive dose of chlorine. But they are human beings and may still be worthy  in time and redeemable with a lot of love. I just don't support their form of contraception.

Progressives and dems are getting more trashy as the years go by. And to think that I was a bleeding heart liberal until I reached my forties. It makes me so ashamed. But - I am a born again Conservative and have reached the logical conclusion that if not stopped, liberalism will destroy our beloved country. Their thought processes go so much further beyond threatening unborn children. They (libs, progressives, and dems) are in the process of destroying what may be the World's last great hope - the U.S.A. God help us stop these shits before it's too late.