Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, the Horror: Stephen King Says He's Undertaxed

Go ahead and write a check to the IRS, big guy. Nobody's stopping ya.

That won't solve our deficit problem, but at least you'll have warm fuzzies inside.



LibertyAtStake said...

Stephen King stole my wife's friend's short story.
Reconfirmed with my wife moments ago.  Friend can't be reached right now.


"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

rich b said...

Okay Stephen. How about cutting a check for the amount you feel you really owe and give it to the Military/Defense section of the US budget. They deserve it more than you and think how many families you could be helping.

What? You say you hate the Military in this country? Oh shit! You must be a dem. So much for my great idea. Now get back to writing and STFU if you're not gonna back your shit up. Talking out of your neck makes you look like a phony.