Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Octogenarian Feminists Attack

Good grief, these Planned Parenthood types need to get a grip.
An elderly woman’s alleged threat to castrate a politician brought FBI agents and a town police officer to Nortontown Road Tuesday afternoon, but no arrest was made.

Authorities went to the woman’s home after receiving a report that she called a politician Tuesday to threaten harm because the politician wants to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. Police say the woman, who is in her 80s, was “very upset” about the possible funding cut because she used to volunteer with the organization.

The FBI found that the woman did make the threat and that the politician did not confuse the meaning of the phone call — it was meant to be threatening, police said. However, authorities determined the threat “wasn’t credible” and that the woman was not going to act on it, according to police. Guilford police are unsure which politician was threatened, and the FBI investigating agent could not be reached for comment.

Police declined to name the elderly woman.
They conveniently failed to also name the politician. I suspect he's not a Democrat.

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rich b said...

WTF! At her age it might just be Susan B Anthony herself. And from what I've observed leading the feminst movement these days it would probably be (even at the age of 80) her first encounter with a set of balls.

Of course she's probably no threat to physically harm someone at her age but does she just get a pass just because she's old? This stinks. At least they could prevent her from buying AA batteries or turn off her TV. They should do something as punishment.

Why the fuck are lefties often given a pass for their sometimes violent and, or threatening behavior? This isn't right. Even a mummified old gal should have something done to as punishment. Even an old woman can squeeze a trigger. I'm serious.