Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slave Auctions Latest Fad In Goverment Schools

I would love to know who in the heck thought this was a good idea. A elementary school in Ohio thought it would be great to subject at least one of their fifth grade black students to the realities of what it feels like to be the center of attention at a slave auction.

No this isn't the deep south, which of course is where all the racist folks live. This is in the middle of America in the middle of a very blue state where unions rule and common sense left town long ago.

I can not even imagine the harm done to this kid and I can't believe anybody with a functioning brain cell would have thought this to be a good idea. The entire school district ought to be feeling a deep sense of embarrassment over this incidence. Of course no doubt the teacher is a union member with paid up dues and therefore in good standing, probably votes Democrat religiously and so is in no danger of losing his/her job or even having to make a symbolic act of hari kari to atone for their actions.

I just can not believe something like this even happened and listening to the description by the boy of what he was subjected to makes me wonder what impressions the other children were left with. Apologies ring hollow at this point.


Nomennovum said...

Behold the racism of the Left: Clueless, mindless, irredeemable, and interminable condecension.  Blacks are just tools for them.

drfredc said...

Seems like it's being done to all our kids, regardless of color, to pay for senior entitlements and union benefits.  The masters are the politicians, future generations, the slave.  Once upon a time, there was something about preserving liberty to ourselves and our posterity.  Seems it now means, preserving our retirement by owning a piece of our kids hard ass work...