Thursday, March 10, 2011

Muslim Congressman Grieves for Football Player/Paramedic

Rep Keith Ellison (M-MN) got all teary eyed testifiying today before the panel asking questions about how the radicalization of Muslims can be blunted. My first question for Mr Ellison is have you ever shed those types of tears of any American service member slain battling these radical Islamic terrorists?

He knows what makes good theater but in regards to his comments about Muslims in America rushing in there to grieve maybe he ought to look at the nutjob in New York who promotes active jihad against America and takes great delight in the sufferings of the infidels. Or maybe he can explain all those missing Somalia guys from his home state of Minnesota who keep winding up in Somalia and they have a weird way of celebrating spring break.

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PUMABydesign001 said...

Keith Ellison's tears was nothing more than a dog and pony show.  Progressives, labor unions, community organizations love to put them on but when they don't work, look out for the hate, vitriol, threats, and violence.