Thursday, March 10, 2011

We All Must Sacrifice: Michelle Obama Sports $1000 Handbag

The sacrifices she makes for all of us. No doubt she'd opt for a $5000 handbag, but that would be too obvious, so in a nod to national sacrifice as urged by her husband, Queen Michelle scales it back to a mere $1000 bag. You can carry a lot of change in that thing.

It’s a Reed Krakoff two-tone ribboned large tote, and you can get it at Mr. Krakoff’s website for $990, plus shipping I guess. But we don’t worry about shipping. Fedex it, in fact.

No wait a second, you can’t get it, because it’s already sold out, at least in the teal color she got.

Love it with the blue slippers, BTW. It just WORKS, okay?

I don’t know, go ahead Mrs. Obama, tote around anything you want. If you’ve got spare the cash, be my guest. C’mon now, what’s she supposed to walk around with, a plastic shopping bag from the Giant?

Just, please – please please please please please – don’t put on any more cheapskate clothes and allow press coverage anointing you the Fashionista of Affordability.

A year ago Mrs. Obama appeared on the Today show in a $35 dress. You would have thought she eliminated poverty in Bombay.

How much you want to wager that bag was made using non-union labor?

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