Thursday, May 05, 2011

Champion Dumps Steelers Rockhead Rashard Mendenhall

Funny, but this schmuck hasn't tweeted since yesterday. I wonder why? Well, his stupidity is now costing him financially. Can't wait until he starts playing the victim.
Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is being dropped as an endorser by corporate sponsor Champion over his controversial tweets objecting to the celebration over the death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of U.S. commandos Sunday.

Champion is "ending our business relationship" with Mendenhall since the athletic brand doesn't think he "can appropriately represent Champion," spokesman Matt Hall told Game On! Thursday night.

Mendenhall also questioned what really happened to the Twin Towers during the September 11th attacks. Before deleting it from his Twitter feed, he tweeted he has "a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style."

The NFL running back recently signed a 4-year contract extension to endorse Champion through 2015. That extended his first 3-year deal with the unit of Hanesbrands signed in 2008.

The Steelers have also run away from Mendenhall's comments. Mendenhall issued a clarification Wednesday. But it didn't help. Just more proof that athletes and celebrities should be careful before they hit the send button on their tweets.

This jerk might want to consider wising up pretty quickly or he'll find himself out of the NFL before long. His comments are radioactive and issuing "clarifications" that only show how out of touch with reality he is aren't helping.

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FrankG said...

sweet. He's a melonheaded doof.