Monday, May 02, 2011

The Final Word: Bin Laden Recently Made Propaganda Recording

Cindy Sheehan will be impressed. Let's just say this will be the last we heard from Osama bin Laden.
U.S. intelligence officials believe Osama bin Laden made a propaganda recording shortly before his death and expect that tape to surface soon.

It's unclear whether the tape is audio or video, but a U.S. official says that intelligence indicates it's already working its way through al-Qaida's media pipeline. The official said the timing was coincidental and there's no indication he knew U.S. forces were bearing down on him.
Small comfort for the conspiracists.
A new recording from bin Laden would provide a final word from the beyond grave for a terrorist who taunted the U.S. with recorded propaganda for years. It could also provide fodder to those who insist he is still alive.
Meanwhile, we may be planning to look into Pakistan's role in helping hide bin Laden. Obama's recently been all gung-ho into ending subsidies to oil companies. How about we end subsides to Pakistan while we're at it?

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The Reaganite Republican said...

Didn't we give $50B to Pakistan last year?

Hard to imagine justification for it now, I say get closer to 
India and screw the Pakistanis... that's what they've been doing 
to us for a decade