Friday, May 06, 2011

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cockroach) Ready to Carpetbag if Necessary

Even Republican gerrymandering doesn't faze him!

Maybe he's afraid if he's not a Congressman anymore his trophy wife will hit the high road.
"Kucinich confirms reports that other states have asked him to run, but he hasn't made any decisions."
Right, right. Other states are just clamoring for his indispensable services.

BONUS VIDEO: "How do you keep getting elected?"

Via RealClearPolitics.



The Reaganite Republican said...

I'll tell you who's going to be clamoring for his services... the FAR LEFT

And they're going to cause Barack Obama ALL SORTS of problems in next year's primary, running Kucinich on an antiwar ticket- I'm starting to warm up to his presidential runs lolol

Eli said...

That's a trophy wife?  Ew....

srdem65 said...

I would guess that WA Dems  have other ideas than to import a busted Ohio pol to represent them.  Like, maybe one of their own.

Jon1979 said...

Couldn't his gianormous trophy wife just threaten to stomp on all the puny humans in Cleveland if they don't re-elect Dennis to office?