Friday, June 03, 2011

Flashback: Commission Recommends Choppers For NJ Governors After Corzine's SUV Crash

Interesting little tidbit here pertaining to the idiotic Chris Christie Helicopter Kerfuffle, which CBS buries way down in the next-to-last paragraph:
A special commission recommended New Jersey governors use helicopters as a matter of safety after the 2007 car crash involving then Gov. Jon Corzine.
Oh, that's right.

Now, a more common-sense recommendation at the time might have been to, you know, drive in the vicinity of the speed limit and wear a seat belt. In other words, use your head. Obey the law. But, whatever. Helicopters.

For safety!

Added bonus: Helicopters, unlike SUVs, cost NJ taxpayers no additional money. Presumably, that is true no matter who is Governor.

Except I don't recall Corzine ever going the extra mile and actually reimbursing the state for the expense.


UPDATE: Silly me. I should have remembered that fat-cat gazillionaire Jon Corzine of course paid for his own helicopter rides.

My bad.

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