Friday, June 03, 2011

Remember When News Used To Be Informative?

This is why Fox News beats the pants off of the competition. Today Bret Baier hosted a special on the Medicare issue. In this segment he had Rep Paul Ryan (R) and Rep Chris Van Hollen (D) on to present their sides of the argument and to debate each other. This segment is but 10 minutes out of the 1 hour special but it pretty well sums up how the debate is going to go.

Rep Ryan was as sharp as ever and Van Hollen's arguments always seem to go off on a tangent with references to tax breaks for oil companies, raising taxes on the rich or that Medicare wasn't really in that much trouble and we shouldn't be trying to take action until it is in it's death throes.

Of course more people are probably watching the Weiner spectacle or Casey Anthony trial more closely then they are this important issue which is what allows the Dems to demagogue the hell out it and distort the matter.

Without knowing all that much about either man it is certainly clear that Rep Ryan is the point man when it comes to fiscal matters and if Van Hollen is the best the Dems have to offer, then they very definitely lose the debate, but today it is all about viral You Tube videos and catchy jingles and not so much about substance. To both representative's credit they engaged in a discussion without acrimony, shouting or issuing insults. It is just for me Rep Ryan came with facts and Van Hollen came with a fog machine.

I implore you to spend 10 minutes watching the clip, I am sure Fox will rerun the entire special, or at least I would hope they do, and somehow, someway we could get everybody to watch it and leave your political leanings aside until afterwards. There was a lot of good information presented and Bret did a good job of being a newsman and moderator.

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