Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy 236th Birthday to the Army

Today marks two significant events. The birth of my daughter and the birthday of the US Army. Having served 20+ years in the Army I would be remiss if I let the day pass without giving some sort of mention to this day. A running joke in my family is not only was I so hard core that my child was born on the anniversary of the Army but I then had an unfair advantage on all of those promotion and soldier/NCO boards since if the question ever came up I definitely knew the answer.

So congrats to the Army, and even though my daughter never reads this blog, Happy Birthday honey.

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Jack Woodward said...

Best wishes for your daughter's birthday.

As a psuedo-veteran (drafted, US Army '63-'65, Ft. Polk, Ft. Sam Houston) I look back and see that some of the finest people I've ever met were soldiers.  My basic training company seargeant, Sgt. Beard, was a scout master and a fine man.  I've tried and failed to find out how Lt. Christie, the company commander, fared afterwarrds.  As an airborne ranger, I'm certain he saw action in Viet Nam.

I don't know if I had do-overs if I would have made a career in one of the services.  I certainly felt in '65 that we would quickly kick commie butt and come home - that there wasn't much of a contribution I could make.  But I was pretty clueless back then.

So thanks for your service then, and thanks for your commitment now.