Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UK Adviser: Time to Get Rid of 'Climate Change' Junk Science in Schools

The hysterical warmies are going to be freaking out. How dare he not let us indoctrinate seven-year-olds with our junk science!
Climate change propaganda could be cut from the classroom, as a government adviser demands pseudo-science is removed from the national curriculum.

Tim Oates, who is leading an overhaul of school syllabuses for five- to 16-year-olds, has signalled the end of ‘climate wash’ in schools.

He is calling for a return of ‘science in science’ and for children to be taught facts, not fads.

And he accused Labour of replacing traditional physics, chemistry and biology with ‘topical issues’ such as global warming.

At present, seven-year-olds are taught that the world is overheating, and told this will cause floods and kill polar bears.

Mr Oates is due to report on his review of the national curriculum later this year, and any changes will be introduced in schools in September 2013.

His recommendation mirrors the thinking of Education Secretary Michael Gove, who wants pupils to be taught a rigorous core academic curriculum.

Mr Oates, director of research at Cambridge Assessment, one of the biggest exam boards in Europe, said: ‘We have believed that we need to keep up-to-date with topical issues, but oxidation and gravity don’t date.

‘We are not taking it back 100 years. We’re taking it back to the core stuff.

‘The curriculum has become narrowly instrumentalist.’

He said topics that engage children in science ‘changed dramatically’ from year to year.

He added: ‘The national curriculum shouldn’t ever try to keep up with those, otherwise it would keep changing.’

However, climate scientists have accused the anti-green lobby of influencing education.
But they haven't been influencing education with their made-up pseudo-science?

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