Sunday, June 12, 2011

'He Probably Thinks This is Going to Blow Over. It's Not Going to Blow Over, the Only Thing That's Going to Blow Over is Him'

Well, it appears there are some sane people living in the disgraced Anthony Weiner's district.
Some voters in Queens are demonstrating today for the resignation of Brooklyn-Queens Representative Anthony Weiner, as the lawmaker seeks professional help in an undisclosed location for his extensive online sex habit.

Protestors have gathered outside Weiner's district office on Kew Gardens Road.

In a statement yesterday, the congressman said he will request a temporary leave of absence from the House of Representatives to become "a better husband and healthier person" in the wake of his sexting scandal.

However, members of the Juniper Park Civic Association, who say they once had a good working relationship with Weiner, feels his recent actions and admissions show he does not belong in office.

"We worked with Anthony Weiner in the past, he helped us with things in the neighborhood. But now he's stepped over the boundaries," said association member Anthony Nunziato. "He really went a step too far, and this is where we're telling him he has to step down."

"He probably thinks this is going to blow over. It's not going to blow over, the only thing that's going to blow over is him. He's got to get out now," said Lorraine Sciulli, the association's vice president.

Meanwhile, Weiner's congressional colleagues are still pressuring for his resignation.

On "Meet the Press" today, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said party officials want Weiner to step down.

"At the end of the day, a member of Congress makes their own decision, and that's certainly going to be up to Anthony Weiner. But we have made clear that he needs to resign. He needs to focus on getting his own personal issues in order," said Schultz.

Via Hot Air. There's video at the first link.


moneyrunner said...

Nothing has given as much pleasure this week than Weiner.

moneyrunner said...

Nothing has given as much pleasure this week as Weiner.

Richard Butler said...

This delusional prick Weiner actually thinks the house and New York can't do without him I guess. At least that's the conclusion I come to when I read that he absolutely refuses to step down. What other reason would there be?

He's fast becoming the poster boy for the restoration of shock therapy in mental patients. And the ultimate stupidity is a large percentage of New Yorkers want him to remain of office. Something like thirty percent. Now that is amazing when you consider that the folks from NY are considered among America's most intelligent (and cynical) voters. Thirty percent? WTF!