Sunday, June 12, 2011

Obama Regrets Not Spending Enough Time With Family, Then Ditches Family to Go Play Golf

Does he have the slightest clue how stupid he looks?
Barack Obama has spoken about how he has failed to spend enough time with his daughters, despite pledging to learn from his father who left him when he was two years old.

The President revealed how he regrets how his work has stopped him spending more time with his daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 10, as they grow up.

Mr Obama told how growing up without a dad made him want to be the best parent he could, but admitted that he had not been a ‘perfect dad’.

‘When Malia and Sasha were younger, work kept me away from home more than it should have,’ he wrote in an article about parenting for People magazine.

‘At times the burden of raising our two daughters has fallen too heavily on Michelle.

‘During the campaign, not a day went by that I didn’t wish I could spend more time with the family I love more than anything else in the world.’

Mr Obama said he regretted not being present because of his own experiences in his troubled childhood.

‘I grew up without a father around I have certain memories of him taking me to my first jazz concert and giving me my first basketball as a Christmas present. But he left when I was two years old,' he wrote.
He has memories of things that occurred before he was two.

Sure, that's believable.

So what does the man who laments not spending time with his family do today? Dumps the family to go play golf.
I know this will be surprising to everyone, but the president has gone golfing.

Having clearly had enough of the solitude of Camp David, where he and the family were making a rare weekend sojourn, the president choppered early this morning directly to Andrews and headed straight to the Air Force base golf course. Not clear whether Michelle in the girls are still at Camp David or back at the White House.


Reaganite Republican said...

He was referring to his clubs, he calls them his "family"

His favorite is the little one, Sandy lol

the wolf said...

Happy birthday, Sasha.  Daddy got you a 3-iron.

fiatlux said...

The scribbler is still using the dad "left when he was 2 years-old" myth. There was a conscious effort to create a myth with Axelrod polishing the final product for the consumption of the media.
Stanley, his mom, was enrolled in school in WA when Barry was a couple months old.
There was no two year period during which Barack I was involved in this guy's life.

Richard Butler said...

Does this arrogant POS (Omama) really think we American people can't see through his bullshit? Go ahead Berry. Go golfing, just don't come back.

Skippy-san said...

Which is what any real golfing fan should do.  I'd play every weekend if I could too. You guys should get a life and worry about something really important-presidential golf ain't it. Thank God they didn't have idiot right wing bloggers around when Ike was President.

kj said...

OOOOOOOOOH!!!!  Trouble in paradise?

StewartIII said...

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