Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama: Weiner's a 'Distraction'

See how much Anthony Weiner has become a distraction? Now it's becoming a problem for poor Barack Obama. It seems Weiner's action are interrupting his focus on golf and vacations jobs or something. Nice to see someone finally ask Jay Carney about this weeks-old scandal.
The White House says President Obama believes Rep. Anthony Weiner's actions have been "inappropriate" and a "distraction."

But spokesman Jay Carney wouldn't say whether the president thinks the New York Democrat should resign — something other Democratic leaders have called for but which Weiner is resisting.

Carney was asked about Weiner and his sex scandal by reporters traveling with Obama to North Carolina on Monday.

Carney, who'd previously declined comment, said Obama feels Weiner's actions and dishonesty have been inappropriate and are a distraction. But Carney said the president is focused on his jobs agenda. Carney said Congress is addressing the issue.
Focused on jobs, huh? Really?


DANEgerus said...

Killing jobs and doubling electricy prices is a full time concern for Barack Hussein Obama.  He's already doubled unemployment and the price of gas and wants to build on that success.

lummox said...

If I were Obama , I would welcome ANY distraction at this point.
The president should embrace the Weiner and be grateful that most are paying attention to trivialities instead of his woefully inept governence.