Monday, June 13, 2011

Weiner Located: Currently in State of 'Despair'; Hillary Cuts Short Africa Trip

So, that's where he's hiding out, huh?
A Democratic source who spoke to Anthony Weiner after Democratic leaders called on him to resign Saturday told CNN that even with that public hammer dropped on him, Weiner made clear he was still "on the fence" about whether to step down.

Democratic sources CNN has talked to since Saturday said that Weiner told Democrats pressuring him to go that he wanted to wait for his wife Huma to return from a trip with Hillary Clinton. This Democratic source told CNN that Weiner specifically said in their phone conversation that he needs to "look her in the eye" and discuss this before he makes any decision, because he has done enough to hurt her.

The same Democratic source said that Weiner was emotionally falling apart on the phone in this and other conversations and in a state of "despair." Other Democratic sources who talked to him late last week described him the same way. Another person who spoke to him on Saturday called Weiner's disposition "turbulent."
OK, so his wife is scheduled to return Wednesday? Well, she could be back sooner since something other than Anthony's shorts has erupted.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is cutting short a three-nation tour of Africa due to a volcano eruption that has created an ash cloud over parts of East Africa.

Clinton was to have spent Monday night in Addis Ababa. But she will now leave the Ethiopian capital immediately because the ash cloud from the explosion in Eritrea is heading toward the city.
I question the timing.


fiatlux said...

I'm still waiting to see how they are going to blame this on Bush.

And....who are the people that declare Huma (and Michelle) is a fabuluosly striking beauty. Huma is not unattractive but lack of serious dental work in her youth and bug eyes don't add up to a 10. Maybe, a 5 or 6. Michelle, 3 to 4. You see many. many better looking women walking down any street in a city in America.

Richard Butler said...

Good point. I live in San Pedro, a suburb of Los Angeles and there are better looking women working at Kmart. Good looking women around here are a dime a dozen.

Richard Butler said...


Despair my ass! What this douche is feeling is what we used to call guilt. Look it up.

Richard Butler said...

<span>Good point about Weenie's wife and her supposed "great beauty". I live in San Pedro, a suburb of Los Angeles, and there are better looking women working at Kmart. Good looking women around here are a dime a dozen.</span>

FrankG said...

ohhhhh mannnn. Yo baby mama's coming home and you better hide the lamps! She be learning at the cloven hooves of the Hildabeast!

FrankG said...

she could bite a wall