Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Small Weiner Theory Gains Traction: "Jon Stewart Might Have Had It Right Last Night"

How desperate is Anthony Weiner?

Desperate enough to play the Small Penis Card - on himself.

I'm practically a eunich! So that can't be me in that picture. Now can we please just talk about the debt ceiling?

Here's the background, in case you missed it.

Pass the popcorn.

Via Newsbusters.



uncledan said...

Let's review the facts again for the Weiner-defenders, because there are even more today:

High school girls
Pictures of private parts
Girls tweeting that the Weiner is their 'boyfriend'
200 followers on Weiner's Twitter account, a disproportionate number of them are attractive young women, many of them comely, long haired brunettes
The Weiner's PR guy lies about the timeline of what happened
The Weiner erases all evidence when hacking the account of a Congressman would certainly be investigated as a Federal crime
The Weiner won't admit as to whether he sent the lewd photo or not
So, if this isn't HIS weiner then why is there a photo of ANOTHER man's weiner that can be linked back to the Weiner?
Leftwing media sites go into damage-control mode by ignoring story when you know if this were Todd Palin...

Even Chris Matthews had two Liberal tools on his show and he wasn't buying their crap defense of the Weiner. Drudge has the story now, LAT has the story, WaPo has the story, it's way out of hand. I think the Left may be getting ready to put the Weiner to the curb.

Cinderella said...

Good lord, that man is hard to look at.

uncledan said...

Someone needs to get control of Weiner before he wipes himself out. Just went on Maddow and said picture may be of him...