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Fatal Attraction: ESPN Edition

Only one missing ingredient

Meet Steve Phillips, former New York Mets GM, now current ESPN baseball analyst. Or shall we say, soon-to-be former ESPN analyst. Ol' Steve had a lot of trouble keeping it in his pants back when he worked for the Mets and now is in heap big trouble after being caught cheating with an ESPN production assistant who then went all Alex Forrest but stopping a bit short of boiling up some rabbit stew for the family.

Who does this guy think he is, David Letterman?
She's not going to be ignored, Steve!

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips had a fling with a 22-year-old production assistant, who, after being dumped, taunted his wife with "Fatal Attraction"-like phone calls and a letter that bragged about her sexcapades with Phillips while taking pot shots at their "loveless marriage," The Post has learned.

The former Met general manager, whose tenure with the team was rocked by admissions of infidelity, confessed to his wife and local cops that he had slept with ESPN assistant Brooke Hundley several times this past summer before dumping her.

In retaliation, the jilted young woman repeatedly phoned Phillips' wife, Marni, saying, "We both can't have him!" an explosive police report claims.

Hundley's desperate actions -- including accidentally smashing her car into a stone column while speeding away from the Phillips' home after leaving the letter -- terrified the family, according to the Wilton, Conn., police report.

"I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself," Steve Phillips said in a police statement, adding that the woman became "obsessive and delusional" after he dumped her.

But Phillips, 46, declined to pursue criminal charges against Hundley, a Bristol, Conn., woman who cops learned may have used an ESPN computer to contact Phillips' 16-year-old son on Facebook while posing as a high-school classmate.

Phillips -- who admitted having multiple affairs with women while working for the Mets -- is now being sued for divorce by his 40-year-old wife, the mother of his four sons. Two months ago, Phillips deeded the family's five-bedroom, multimillion-dollar Wilton home to her.

A source told The Post Phillips has been suspended for a week by ESPN -- which hired him in 2005 as a baseball analyst -- because of the scandal.

ESPN refused to comment, and Phillips did not return calls seeking comment.

Hundley, too, refused to talk when reached by The Post last night.

The bombshell developments come 11 years after Phillips took a brief leave of absence as the Mets' GM after admitting to having sex with a team employee, Rosa Rodriguez, who sued him for sexual harassment, a case later settled out of court.
At the link there are PDF's of the letter Hundley wrote to Mrs. Phillips, as well as statements from Phillips, his wife and son. Being this is the Facebook age, naturally Hundley went really psycho and "friended" one of Phillips' sons.

"She said that she had overheard my mom telling someone at my brother's baseball game that my dad really likes someone at work and is probably going to move out and that if I need to talk to anyone, she would be willing to listen because her parents went through the same thing," the boy told cops.

"She asked inappropriate questions about my parents, such as: Do they sleep in the same bed? Do you think they will be getting a divorce? Do they fight a lot?" the youth added.

He said the woman even tried flirting with him to get information.

"She told me that she had stopped by the [football] field before to see me [practice] . . . She often awkwardly, flirtatiously complimented me, saying that I was a very sweet and nice guy."

But the son said he grew angry when she referred to his mother as his dad's "baby mama."

"[She] would often make comments of how lucky my mom was to marry a guy with money and not have to work . . . The tone was very jealous," he said.

The boy added that when he didn't immediately respond to the writer, she would start bombarding him with messages.

"Countless times, she asked me for my home phone number and stated that . . . her parents needed to contact my mother immediately," the rattled teen said.

The kid also began receiving numerous Facebook friend-requests from Hundley.

Marni Phillips, a stunning, green-eyed blonde, told cops that on Aug. 19, she drove home with her 7-year-old son and spotted a woman walking down the driveway to a parked car.

"I knew instinctively this was the woman Steve was involved with and I was terrified," Marni told cops. "I immediately called 911. She got in her car, put it in reverse and smashed the rear end of her vehicle into the stone column."

Marni then found the letter stuck in the door.

In the letter, Hundley details her affair with Phillips, and mentions "a big birthmark on his crotch . . . and one on his left inner thigh, so you know I'm not being fake."
Hundley's Facebook page is still active. Ironically, her photo shows her blowing a whistle.

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Update: Studly Steve will be (ahem) taking a leave of absence.

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