Friday, October 01, 2010

Alan Grayson: A National Embarrassment

The poster boy for the modern Democratic Party. He's yours, kids. You own him.

Now he's even an international embarrassment.

The mental patient now has to answer to a subpoena. Not content with his self-immolating ads, now the idiot is trying to goad Sarah Palin. Who Grayson follows on Twitter speaks volumes. He's obviously desperate now that his ads have backfired.
"Yesterday, Sarah Palin once again engaged in her chosen form of mortal combat - the tweet - by attacking me, and endeavoring to promote my Republican opponent, Daniel Webster, to Palin's zombie horde," the note read.

"What is it about Sarah Palin and Twitter? Is Palin fond of tweeting because she can draft a tweet on her palm?"

Palin had tweeted about Grayson and his race twice Thursday morning, calling him "odd" and "troubled" and his campaign "twisted."

"[Grayson] blatantly lies in vile rant,but greedy media run it anyway w/no fact check," she said. "Florida deserves the best! ... Take pride in Daniel Webster."

A poll conducted Sept. 25-27 showed Webster leading Grayson by seven points.

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