Friday, October 08, 2010

Another Rave Review for Parker Spitzer: 'Numbing and Tedious'

Looks like the CNN trainwreck "Parker Spitzer" isn't going over well with a former, um, business associate of Client Number 9.
Kristen Davis wants Eliot Spitzer to put a black sock in it. The Manhattan Madam, who provided the former governor with prostitutes, said his new CNN show, "Parker Spitzer," is unbearable. "The overall reports from the women who used to work for me said being with him was numbing and tedious," Davis told us. "I felt that way about the show." Davis criticized CNN for giving Spitzer a platform to give others advice: "In the first 10 seconds, he tells Obama to fire Tim Geithner -- who is he to tell the president how to run the country when he couldn't get through four years as governor?" Davis said his smile is "actually scary, appropriate for Halloween. Whoever advised him to smile like that should be fired."

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