Saturday, October 09, 2010

'Doing for Justice What Tiger Woods Did for Cocktail Waitresses'

I guess David Paterson is right. Al Sharpton is the kind of guy who uses people for his own selfish needs and dumps them at the curb as soon as he's finished with them. One's a man-whore, the other a media whore.
Gov. Paterson may want to consider a career as a comedian when he leaves office.

The outgoing politician praised Rev. Al Sharpton Friday for "doing for justice what Tiger Woods did for cocktail waitresses" during a birthday celebration for the civil rights leader in Harlem.

Sharpton said he appreciated the comments but added, "I don't know how Tiger feels about it."

"Don't worry governor, I got your back if Tiger comes to Harlem looking for you," Sharpton replied.
A regular laugh riot, these two.

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