Thursday, October 07, 2010

Drunken Women Brawl Over Male Stripper

Women, alcohol and male strippers: A lethal combo. Oh how I wish there was some video of this.
Police want to talk to the management of Nanaimo's Cavallotti Lodge following a drunken melee that erupted at the East Wellington Road hall on Friday night, featuring more than 100 women and a male stripper.

Nanaimo RCMP spokesman Const. Gary O'Brien said officers responded to a call of an assault at the hall around 10:50 p.m., only to find "between 100 and 150 drunk women" on the premises, watching an exotic dancer as part of a fundraiser for the lodge.

"My understanding is that a big brawl broke out among a number of drunken women who were watching a male stripper event there," said O'Brien.

Police arrested five people they believed were involved in the incident but are not recommending charges to Crown counsel.

"They were drunk, it was an alcohol-fuelled incident and there was no real victim," said O'Brien. "However, we will be following up with Cavallotti because their patrons were extremely intoxicated and we need to warn them about the dangers of over-serving liquor."

Two of the women were kept in the cells at the RCMP detachment until they "sobered up," said O'Brien.

A witness to Friday's escapades who did not want to be identified said one woman stood on her chair to watch the male exotic dancer, who was dressed up as a police officer before he started to remove his clothing. The women behind her took exception because their view of the stripper was obstructed.

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