Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Georgia Democrat: I Have Nothing to Do With Pelosi or These Weirdo Hippies

He's even endorsed by the evil NRA and Chamber of Commerce. Still, if these Democrats are going to run against Pelosi, why are they still Democrats?
As Democrats in conservative districts scramble to distance themselves from the national Democratic leadership, Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall outdoes the rest with what's a cultural attack ad aimed at contrasting him with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Georgia is a long way from San Francisco," drawls the narrator, over images of dancing hippies.

"Jim Marshall doesn't support Nancy Pelosi," says the narrator, citing a finding that Marshall voted with Republican leaders 65% of the time."

Marshall a similar figure to the one Rep. Bill Owens, an Upstate New York Democrat, did yesterday, making a similar claim. By another measure, Marshall voted with Democrats 88% of the time.

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