Saturday, October 02, 2010

House Democrat Runs Ad Comparing Himself With Boehner

Guess that White House campaign to demonize John Boehner isn't working. In fact now you've got a vulnerable Dem.ocrats showing himself in an ad with Boehner.
In perhaps the most striking example of a vulnerable Democrat racing away from the national party as the midterm elections near, Rep. Bobby Bright (D-Ala.) is running a TV ad that features side-by-side photos of him and Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio). The spot touts that he "votes 80 percent with the Republican leader."

Several House Democrats have run ads that speak out against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) by name, but Bright appears to be the first incumbent to feature Boehner, her chief rival in Congress and the man who would be speaker if Republicans win control of the House.

Bright, a freshman in a tight reelection race, has broken with Pelosi on major legislation more than any other Democrat. He voted against the stimulus bill, healthcare reform, cap-and-trade climate legislation and the financial regulatory overhaul. He has refused to endorse Pelosi for another term as speaker, and in August he made national headlines by joking that she "might get sick and die" after he was asked whether he would support her again in January.
I suspect we may well see any surviving conservative Democrats switching parties come January. A delusional Democrat Koolaid slurper responds.
A House leadership aide backed that up on Friday. Responding to the Bright ad, the aide said: "That's a darn good ad. It's because of independent members like Bright that we'll keep the House."
Coping with reality is clearly not his strong suit.

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