Thursday, October 21, 2010

I See White People: Juan Williams Firing Leaves Sudden Lack Of Diversity On Air at NPR

Headline: Diversity Efforts Uneven In U.S. Companies
The United States is becoming an increasingly diverse nation, but progress in the workplace has been a bit slower.
Last night NPR fired Juan Williams, their only on-air minority.

The CEO of NPR, which you help pay for, suggested Williams should seek psychiatric counseling.

Oops. Time for damage control.
"I spoke hastily and I apologize to Juan and others for my thoughtless remark."
I think she should seek psychiatric help. And maybe attend some diversity training.

Search Google for "NPR diversity" and you have 1,150,000 hits, mostly stories lamenting the alleged lack of diversity in America.

Yet the taxpayer supported organization now has zero people of color on air, according to Williams tonight on the O'Reilly Factor.

I say this calls for a Congressional investigation and condemnation. No doubt Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be leading a march on NPR headquarters demanding minority hirings.

Here's the current NPR program schedule. Can you find any African Americans?

I didn't think so. Just imagine if Fox News fired Juan Williams over a perceived slight against Muslims. The condemnation from the left would be deafening. Today pretty much the only friends of Williams are on the right. Considering the history of outrageous statements at NPR, why are they still sucking down our money?
From calling Tea Party members “Tea Baggers,” to saying that "the evaporation of 4 million" Christians would leave the world a better place, to suggesting that God could give former Sen. Jesse Helms or his family AIDS from a blood transfusion, NPR's personalities have said some pretty un-PC things in the past.
Yet none have been fired for it.

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