Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Nothing to be Proud of in Being a Dysfunctional Homosexual'

Carl Paladino has been facing an uphill struggle in his New York gubernatorial race against Andrew Cuomo. This certainly won't help his cause.
Flame-throwing Republican Carl Paladino blasted gays Sunday - saying there is "nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual."

"I don't want [children] brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equal valid and successful option," Paladino said during a visit with Orthodox Jewish leaders in Brooklyn's Williamsburg.

Paladino, who is running for governor, told the conservative Jewish leaders he would veto a gay marriage bill if it's passed by the Legislature.

Paladino drew a distinction between himself and Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo, saying he boycotted the gay pride parade while Cuomo marched.

"I didn't march in the Gay Pride parade this year. My opponent did. There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That's not how God created us, and that's not the example that we should be showing our children - and certainly not in our schools," Paladino said.

He went on to zing Cuomo for allowing his daughters to also march in the gay parade.

"My opponent took his daughters to march in a homosexual parade," Paladino scoffed.

Asked whether such comments are appropriate given Saturday's stunning charge that nine members of a sadistic Bronx gang tortured a gay man and two gay teens, Paladino said he does not support gay bashing.

"Don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexual people in any way. That would be a dastardly lie. My approach is live and let live," Paladino said.
There are times when politicians need to keep their mouths shut. Or at least think for a second how dumb they're going to sound.

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