Sunday, October 10, 2010

'You've Got to Get Your Hair Cut. You Look Like a Girl'

Ought to be a fun time for all when the Vikings visit the Patriots later this month.
File this one into the "juicy-details-we hope-are-true" folder.

CBS analyst Charley Casserly reported on today's NFL pregame show that Tom Brady and Randy Moss "had to be separated" recently following an altercation in the Patriots locker room. Moss was traded from the Patriots to the Vikings last week, a surprising move considering the team's on-field success (3-1) so far this season.

"One of Brady's problems with Moss was his behavior as a Patriot," said Casserly. "One of the things overheard was Brady telling Moss, 'You've got to cut your beard.' And Moss counters, 'You've got to get your hair cut. You look like a girl.'"

The report counters the public statements this week -- by both the Patriots and Moss -- that the team's separation from the player was amicable, and that behavior was not a factor in the deal.

"Some things in New England didn't go according to plan," Moss said in his introductory press conference with the Vikings. "And here I am. What me and coach Belichick talked about, I don't really want to make public."
Bill Belichick isn't exactly a fan of Casserly.
The report, of course, is much more than you'd ever get out of the Patriots publicly in reference to Moss. And the Patriots -- if they comment at all -- are likely to refute Casserly's he-said, he-said claims. In reference to a report Casserly made last season about Brady playing with broken ribs, Belichick came out fighting.

"Who's been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins? His percentage is like a meteorologist," Belichick said. "He has no relationship to this team. I'd say less than zero. Based on what? He's never at a practice, never at a game… At least he put his name on it which is more than a lot of guys. But, like he usually is, he was 100 percent wrong."

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