Monday, June 13, 2011

Finally: NYDN Columnist Links Palin to Weiner Scandal

Well, it had to happen at some point. Now have a look at this headline:

The beast inside every male heart: Anthony Weiner and the American man's dangerous sex drive

Now ordinarily, one would think we'll be having a look at the psyche of the disgraced Anthony Weiner, right?

I have absolutely no respect for Sarah Palin, other than for her unimpeachable ability to hunt well, then butcher and dress game on the spot. Her limits are obvious. What we see and hear is what we get: an arrogant lightweight.

But however willfully insipid, vainglorious, self-pitying, manipulative and greedy she might be, we would be shocked if Palin were to join the male-dominated school for sex scandal that continues to teach us lessons we should've learned long ago.
So Palin is an arrogant lightweight who's obviously limited, willfully insipid, vainglorious, self-pitying, manipulative and greedy.

So what does that make Weiner, according to Stanley Crouch? Well, he never says. The name Weiner appears only in the headline. But hey, why mention him when you can take a vile cheap shot at Palin? Seems to me most of that ad hominem attack more aptly suits Weiner.

One wonders whether Crouch has had a look at any of those exploding cigars disguised as Palin emails.

H/T Brendan.

Crouch has long suffered from PDS. There is no cure. But thank goodness he holds Palin such high esteem that he can consciously know she's never do anything stupid like Weiner, even if she is a mendacious, greedy, bubble-headed lightweight.


srdem65 said...

I, being not too stupid, would think twice before snarking on a woman who can shoot and field dress a large animal.

lummox said...

WTF!  (and I do not mean winning the future)

CenTexTim said...

Replace "Palin" with "Obama" and this article would make sense.

Well, other than the self-reliance part about hunting and processing game...