Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'If the 2012 Election Were Held Today, Republicans Could Very Well Have Their Heads Handed to Them'

Apparently Providence Journal hack Froma Harrop hit send on this drivel last night well before NY-9 and NV-2 results came in. Is it possible to be any more out of touch without being an actual member of the Obama administration.
If the 2012 election were held today, Republicans could very well have their heads handed to them. I do not think this alone. Their debt-ceiling hijinks were no doubt immensely amusing to the Tea Party fringe, but to those of us not getting the joke, they were an appalling attack on a fragile economy.

The Tea Party is turning from the voice of anger to its target, and the GOP has it hanging around its neck. The first trumpet blast of wrath came in Teamsters President James Hoffa’s intemperate call at a Democratic rally to — and I tone him down considerably — turn its candidates out of office.
In today's political landscape six weeks is a long time, and that's about when the debt ceiling argument was at its peak. Since then it's been all downhill for Obama and the Democrats. But these lefties just can't let go of that Tea Party chew toy they've been gnawing on.

She goes on to cite a former Republican who couldn't get himself arrested these days. Really, is there anyone on the GOP side who gives a rat's ass what Chuck Hagel thinks?
The baddest sign of all is that the townsfolk are being joined by traditional Republicans (and we assume Republican-leaning independents) who can no longer hold their tongues. For example, former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel told the Financial Times that he was “disgusted” by the campaign against raising the debt ceiling.

“It was an astounding lack of responsible leadership by many in the Republican Party, and I say that as a Republican,” Hagel said. He characterized much of the recent stock-market convulsions as “the complete direct result of the lack of confidence that came out of that folly.”

Hagel held out the possibility that the Republican Party could “go down” in 2012 and that it would have to rebuild as it did after 1964. In that year, Democrats gained the largest House majority held by any party since 1936.
The Democrats just lost a House seat they've controlled since 1923, losing in a district where they outnumber Republicans by 3-to-1. But apparently we don't yet realize 1964 is just around the corner.

Can this woman be any more clueless?


Dell said...

"If the 2012 election were held today..."

Oh, don't I wish!  The Democrats would go down like Monica Lewinsky on prom night.  It can't come soon enough.  (The election, that is)

melanerpes said...

With friends like Froma Harrop, ... I'd report her to #AttackWatch