Friday, September 02, 2011

NASCAR Drivers Tell SCOAMF They Have Better Things To Do

Well, I am glad to see some NASCAR drivers have better things to do then pose for a photo op with the SCOAMF.
NASCAR said Thursday that five drivers – Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – will not be attending the White House visit due to "schedule conflicts."
Of the drivers that will attend three of them are all from the same team, Hendricks motorsports. The current champion Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Kyle Busch. Sort of sounds like since their guy is the champ they have to show up just to show a little support. Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton, Denny Hamlin, and Matt Kenseth will also attend.

I don't like the Hendricks stable of drivers anyway; I am a Stewart-Haas type guy whose drivers include Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, driver of the #39 US Army sponsored car and, starting next year, Danica Patrick, who will be driving part time. I have also become a Kevin Harvick follower mainly because of his wife DeLana Harvick who is very vocal and very active on Twitter, something which has sometimes gotten her in trouble with the powers that be in NASCAR. ,what can I say, I am a rebel at heart.

H/T SE Cupp

Oh, definition of SCOAMF can be found here.

Correction from Jay in the comments. Kyle Busch is no longer a part of the Hendricks stable. Drivers for Hendricks are Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. And I still don't like any of them.


Jay said...

Kyle Busch doesn't drive for Hendrick anymore.  Hasn't for three years. Interesting that his brother begged off, though.

stephen barron said...

I'm a big Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman fan too.  But...they are VERY closely tied with Hendrick.  Tony's crew chief, Darien Grubb used to be Jimmie Johnson's.  They get almost all their engineering and get all their motors from HMS.

rich b said...

<span><span>You can't blame NASCAR and their drivers for not trusting any of these liberal douchebags since one of the news orgs (CBS, ABC. NBC ???) tried to "expose" racism a few years ago at one of the NASCAR events by doing some phony interviews with the fans. Just because these are, for the most part Southerners, libs have a nasty and condescending attitude towards them. How many times have the progressives played the "redneck" card? Fuck em</span></span>