Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama: On Second Thought, Maybe I'll Sign Pieces of the Jobs Legislation I Haven't Submitted

These buffoons can't even get their stories straight, but we're supposed to believe they know what they're doing? First, this idiot David Axelrod talks tough this morning, demanding Republicans commit political suicide by passing legislation already rejected by Obama's own party.
Obama's top political adviser David Axelrod said Tuesday that the administration was unwilling to break up the president’s $447 billion jobs plan if Republicans were only receptive to passing certain elements.

"We're not in a negotiation to break up the package. It's not an à la carte menu. It's a strategy to get this country moving,” Axelrod said Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"The president has a package; the package works together. We need to do many things to get this economy moving," Axelrod said.
Well, apparently the blowback was swift enough.
President Obama wants Congress to pass his jobs bill as is and quickly, but he would not veto individual bills if Congress broke the American Jobs Act into pieces.

Senior administration officials said that if House Republicans were to separate the employee payroll tax cuts, for example, Obama would sign that bill and then demand that Congress move forward with the rest of the package.
Oh, so Obama is now making demands, huh? Well, for starters, maybe he ought to actually have the bill entered in the House.

No Democrats have yet done this. Why?

In the meantime, you'll have happy to know Obama plans to use his tax hikes to pay for more high-speed rail. Winning the future or something.


kj said...

Sooooooo clueless.  With BHO being president, it makes members of Congress say please stop this round and round tilta whirl and let me get off - I'm going to puke.  A person just can't keep up with being jerked this way and that way 24/7.  No consistency.  Says one thing, does another.  No wonder everyone is laughing at this clown.

Georg Felis said...

So he's thrown his own legislation that he knows will be a massive Fail under the bus, and said he'll go ahead and sign the bits and pieces he knows the Republicans were planning on passing anyway.

Well, I suppose its true.  If you're being run out of town, make it look like you're leading the parade....