Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama's Broken Record 'Jobs' Plan

If you waste your time tuning in tonight, this is pretty what what you'll get.

Republicans are expecting a lecture tonight. Won't be a surprise. Joe Lieberman warns against that.
Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), an independent who caucuses with Democrats, admonished Obama against delivering a political address.

"I think if the speech Thursday night is seen as another political speech to the Democratic base, not only is it not going to get anything done up here on Capitol Hill, but I think the American people are going to turn it off," he said on the weekly "Press Pass" feature produced by NBC's "Meet the Press."


Jeff said...

I dont know if thats necessarily true.  I plan on turnng it off anyway.

Ken Moore said...

This will be Obama's last significant speech.

mike fox said...

<span>His last significant speech will be his concession speech to the Republican President Elect</span>