Sunday, September 11, 2011

Those Who Supported the Heroes of 9/11

After the attacks were over and all that was left was the hard, grueling, mentally and physically exhausting work of searching for survivors and the clean up of the site there were other notable stories that came from Ground Zero.

Little known, but just as important as the effort of the first responders was the efforts of people like Gary Suson, who was made the official photographer for Ground Zero. It is his pictures which documented the efforts of rescuers to find survivors among the rubble and finding the remains of those that perished.

He documented their efforts until the work was officially stopped on May 2002.

Then there was Rocco Vendome, owner of Nino's Restaurant on Canal Street. Two days after the attack he closed his restaurant to the general public and reopened it to serve free meals to all of those working in the recovery efforts at Ground Zero. The price of admission was a uniform.

Rocco passed away in 2009.

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