Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tonight's Debate Highlight: Newt Goes Nuclear on the Media

Newt Gingrich tears this sniveling twit from the Politico a new one. Maybe he can be the next press secretary. A thousand different people will have a thousand different opinions on who won, but this is my favorite moment.

It's quite obvious the goal of "moderator" Brian Williams and the Politico guy were to provide the Democrats with soundbites to use against Rick Perry, and Gingrich had seen enough.

After all, we know who Williams answers to.


rich b said...


Beckoning said...

Excellent.  Newt for Ambassador to the UN. 

sarainitaly said...

I'm glad he said it, as a reminder to the other candidates up there, especially. It is about defeating Obama - not bruising the other candidates so badly that they are unelectable once the nominee. 

Williams came across as such a pissy ass last night. Very sanctimonious. 

Casey Tompkins said...

Newt drops the hammer. Good.

Still not gonna vote for him. :)

I've always seen him as a policy wonk, but Press Secretary might not be a bad call either.