Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Trillion Here, A Trillion There

Smartest woman in Washington. Fresh off of calling for taxing gangsta' banks for refusing to loan, this in spite of a new DoJ investigation into some big banks for granting loans that they were cajoled into giving by these self same politicians, is now calling for a trillion dollar jobs program. Sure honey, money grows on trees, well rather it can be printed in the basement of some federal building but somebody has to pay for it.

C'mon people, wisen up. Is there a single problem in America that liberals think can't be solved merely by throwing money at it? From poor performing schools and teachers to drug addiction their only answer always is throw more money at it.

Let's try this. Get the government the hell out of the way, give private business some reassurances you'll quit screwing with the rules of the game and won't come after them just because they don't contribute enough to your campaign fund. You don't even have to give them any monetary incentives, just agree to quit screwing with them. Tell the unions they aren't always going to get their way and if they want members get out there and compete for them and quit getting the government to tilt the field in your favor.

I wouldn't worry about Maxine being in any jeopardy come election time, from what I can tell she is the smartest member of the district she represents. Just like Hank Johnson from Georgia.

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rich b said...

There are two things probably wrong with Marxine Waters

Either she is...
1 - she is monumentally stupid.
2 - she is a victim of her own rhetoric and she may actually believe all of her own bullshit about racism and how "whitey" is out to get the black man.

Couple that with her visits to Cuba and how she holds up the Castro regime as a shining example of Communism and its merits to society and the choice as to why she's such a nitwit is difficult to make. Either way she belongs in the early twentieth century along with her victimology. With affirmative action and the trillions of dollars of entitlement programs that (should) have benifited minorities there is no excuse for not succeeding in the U.S.A. now.

I personally vote for reason number one. But that's just me.