Monday, October 05, 2009

Finalist for 2009 Mother of the Year

Meet Jackie Denise Knott, an Alabama woman certain to never be mistaken for a brain surgeon.
A woman was arrested after police discovered a teenager inside a cardboard box on the roof of a vehicle.

Jackie Denise Knott charged told police she had a good reason. Albertville police said the mother told them she was trying to carry a cardboard box, but it wouldn't fit in her minivan. She claimed her daughter was just making sure the box was secure on the van roof.

Drivers in Albertville couldn't believe what they saw Wednesday morning. A minivan was driving down U.S. Highway 431 with a large cardboard box on the roof. But it wasn't the box that raised concern - it was the 13-year-old sitting inside of it.

Many drivers called police and officers quickly pulled Knott over. Albertville police arrested her and charged her with endangering the welfare of a child. Officers said her reasoning behind her actions was astonishing.

"The box was too large to get in the van, so more or less, she needed a paperweight," said Albertville Police Officer Jamie Smith.

Officers asked Knott about the safety of the child and she responded.

"She told the officers she had the box tied to the roof with a wire close [sic] hanger," Smith said

The child was not hurt. She was turned over to a relative's custody at the scene and DHR is investigating.

"For the child's sake, more than anything, nothing turned out bad," Smith said. "Obviously a gust of wind, an 18-wheeler passing by could have thrown the box off the top of the van. It could have turned out very bad."

We'll assume the box was to be used an addition to the family trailer.

If she fails to cop the coveted Mother of the Year award, she has potential as a body double for Rosie O'Donnell.

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