Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another Cheap Stunt: WH Creating Site for Online Petitions

Here's how it will work. The failed president will urge people to act and support whatever cockamamie proposal he offers, his brainless Obama zombies will flood the website in support and -- presto! -- the media will report how popular his proposals are.

So clever.
The White House is making it easier for people to press the federal government to act.

It is bringing that age-old constitutional right to petition one's government into the digital age with a new webpage, "We the People," where members of the public will be able to create and sign petitions seeking the government's action on a range of issues.

An official response is guaranteed for any petition that draws enough signatures - 5,000 names within 30 days - after it is reviewed by staff and the appropriate policy experts within the administration, according to White House officials who previewed the details for The Associated Press.

The White House planned to launch the page Thursday on its official website,

The administration officials requested anonymity to discuss details before the formal announcement.
Maybe they should check with his new boss, John Boehner.

If you need a good laugh, check out their instructional video:

What a media-savvy bunch they are.


rich b said...

Hmmm, this must be the main part of the new jobs plan the Omama regime has been talking about. Just how fucking stupid does Ovomit think the American people are? Wait - don't answer that! After all, fifty-two percent of the electorate voted for this joke of a man.

RamblingMother said...

can one be an impeach Obama petition?  Wonder how long that would last.