Thursday, September 01, 2011

Disaster: CNN Poll Has Obama at 65% Disapproval on Economy; 2% Say Things Going are Going Very Well

Gee, you think with number like these this idiot would have given that so-called long-awaited and much-anticipated "jobs" speech last year like he promised. Well, despite having over a year to get ready, he childish insisted on reading his battery of teleprompters next Wednesday. Instead, it'll be next Thursday. By then these numbers will probably be even more disastrous.
Disapproval of President Obama's handling of the economy and unemployment is at an all-time high heading into his highly-anticipated speech on his jobs plan next week.

A CNN/ORC poll released Thursday found deep dissatisfaction with the president's management of the economy; 65 percent of Americans said they disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy, the highest level of disapproval the president has faced on that question in this poll.
Historic! Unprecedented! Unexpected!
Just 34 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is managing the economy, matching the low point in CNN/ORC's numbers since Obama took office.

As for the number one issue in the election, jobs, the president also faces the dimmest numbers of his tenure. Sixty-two percent of Americans said they disapprove of Obama's work on unemployment, while 37 percent said they approve.
Yeah, but it's the GOP's fault or something. Look, over there! Quick! It's racist tea partiers!

For pespective, in March 2009 he was at 59-40% approval on the economy. Since then he's done zero about jobs but now wants to pretend he's focused like a laser. And when his failed policies result in even more failure, his strategy will be to blame anyone but himself.

It won't work.

He's also at 66% disapproval on handling the budget deficit, but of course that also the fault of someone else. His doing nothing about the budget while focusing like a laser on golf and vacation has nothing to do with it.

Here's a breakdown on the numbers. One interesting stat: Asked "How well are things going in the country today" the total who responded very well was two percent. Pretty badly or very badly? That 73%.

Can't locate the sample of GOP/IND/DEM breakdown, but figure it's the usual slanted numbers. Which makes the results likely more astonishingly bleak for Obama. I guess when things improve to 3% saying things are going very well they'll start with the Comeback Kid stories.

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