Friday, September 09, 2011

Glad That Speechifying Thingy Is Done

There are some details that have been released related to Obama's chicken in every pot campaign speech that he delivered last night. Quite honestly I could have cared less, but you couldn't escape it and then they went and pre-empted TMZ in my area so for that reason I give it two thumbs down.

Reading a related document released by the White House after the speech that attempts to detail the stupendous jobs bill that was 32 months in the making, and that wound up flopping like so many over hyped Hollywood productions do, I found a lot of pixie dust will be needed as a final ingredient to make these notes that appear to be jotted down while daydreaming during a defense briefing become reality. It did contain some tax relief proposals in the form of reduced payroll taxes for both employers and employees. As far as actually doing anything to spur jobs, it just further reinforced the what we all knew. He doesn't have a clue.

Teachers, schools, bridges, roads, and wi fi for all. $35B for teacher hiring. $30B building/repairing schools. $50B surface transportation. $10B to create an infrastructure bank. $15B to rehab vacant property.

In other words America, the SCOAMF feels that the only job most of us are qualified to do are in the construction field. Hire a vet who has spent a few years sweltering under the summer sun in Afghanistan lugging around 100 lbs of gear while dodging IED's to fill pot holes. Yeah I'm sure a lot of them will just jump at that chance. Sure they'll do it if nothing else exists but in his warped mind he thinks this is some sort of move up. Got an accounting degree? No potholes for you, no sir. We are going to put right to work on putting a roof on a school. Good news for you computer geeks too. Understanding how you are used to earning a living by exercising your brain we are going to give your brain a rest. Understanding that you have a valuable set of skills I am sure they can find bulldozer or other piece of heavy equipment for you operate.

One of the cuter items was the $10B to create his so called infrastructure bank. I mean who doesn't want that after what a success Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac turned out to be. Creation of this bank will certainly guarantee that the next time a Democrat is elected and the economy does a nose dive it will truly kill the country. And speaking of Fannie and Freddie he wants Americans to refinance their homes which will be once again backed up by the still struggling agencies who won't share their books with us and are still getting shots of taxpayers dollars every three or four months to prevent their collapse.

Yeah this whole thing is pie in the sky and none of it will come to fruition probably because that super duper budget commission he put together a while back has to score the whole damn thing and figure out where to get the money from so that it can live up PrezBo's claim that it is paid for. Of course they won't be able to use the creative accounting tricks using Obama's socialist calculator and while the committee is bipartisan all we will hear is that the evil Republicans blocked it.

Everybody else glad football is back to take our minds off of the SCOAMF for a little while?

Oh yeah about that wifi crap. We are having a good laugh around here about that. I'll try to make this quick. Dawsonville, Ga is a rural area north of Atlanta. It is a hot bed of NASCAR activity. Joe Biden came to town a while back, you know to visit those rednecks. Facts about Dawsonville that Obama/Biden never knew. Average income slightly higher then the rest of Georgia. Community is served by 6 wireless carriers already. Number of millionaires in the area a lot higher then most of the rest of the state. Hey NASCAR and the associated industries such as engine building, parts, and other things pays well. Anyway upon meeting with the peasants Biden gifted them with something like $25B for wifi which sort of puzzled the mayor since he had nowhere to spend the money. As far as I know that money is probably still sitting around since it has to be used for wifi stuff, the admin is still talking about how they are helping out the poor dumb rednecks in rural America, and meanwhile nobody around here doubts why our country is in such dire economic straits since none of the bozos in Washington have a clue.

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