Friday, September 09, 2011

Super Genius Alan Grayson Has Plan to Immediately Drop Unemployment to 5.5%

So amazingly easy, even his 10-year-old kid can figure it out. You'll never guess where he's posting this tripe.
I like to help my children with their homework, whenever I have time. (And since January, I've had more time.) It's great to help them -- I know all the answers, and I never have to take the exams.

Last night, we tried something different. They helped me with my homework. A math problem:

"We are spending $159,000,000,000.00 on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this year. If we ended the wars, brought the troops home, took that money, and created decent jobs paying $30,000 apiece in the United States, then how many jobs would we create?"

Skye, the 16-year-old, took out her phone, clicked on the calculator app, and gave the answer:

"5,300,000 jobs."


I asked the 12-year-old, Star, and the 10-year-old, Sage. Both gave me the right answer:

"5,300,000 jobs."

Then I asked the 6-year-old twins, Storm and Stone. Storm said "thirty hundred and five." Stone agreed.

OK, so we have a jobs program that a 10-year-old can understand. But, admittedly, not a six-year-old.

And what would that jobs program do to the unemployment rate? The math is a little more complicated, but the answer is that it would drop the unemployment rate from 9 percent to 5.5 percent. Immediately.

It's actually better than that, because money that is spent hiring Americans, in America, then circulates in America. Economists tell us that every new job like that creates as many as five other jobs -- the employee then pays his rent, the landlord then goes to the restaurant, the waiter then gets his hair cut, and so on. Unemployment, goodbye.
Amazing how Grayson didn't run on this plan last fall. Maybe he wouldn't have lost in a landslide.

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rich b said...

Grayson is one jobless POS that doesn't bother me. Even though the good people of Florida voted his ass out, I believe he's got some great gubment insurance for life. Now he can check into that mental clinic and get the treatment he so richly needs/deserves.