Saturday, September 03, 2011

Obama's Website Lists 29 Events Supporting Weprin, But Weprin Claims He Doesn't Know Obama

David Weprin, running to replace the disgraced Anthony Weiner, pretends he doesn't know Barack Obama. So why does Obama's Organizing for America have 29 separate events listed in support of Weprin, from manning phone banks to get out the vote efforts?

A sample:
David Weprin, Democratic candidate to fill the House seat vacated by Anthony Weiner in Brooklyn/Queens. He's running in a close race against Bob Turner. Weprin will be a solid vote on issues that matter: pro-Social Security, pro-Medicare, pro-choice and pro-marriage-equality. The latest from his opponent? He thinks the 9/11 Zadroga Health Act shouldn’t cover the volunteer workers hurt that day; he wants to decimate Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. And he's the darling of The Tea Party. The news media is already looking at this race as a bellwether of 2012 -- as goes Brooklyn and Queens, so goes the nation. Questions? Contact or 516-205-2531
While you're there you'll notice a handy "Donate Now" button so you can send money to Obama. How convenient.

Weprin may pretend he doesn't know Obama, but why is Organizing for America essentially running his campaign?


Michael Ryan said...

So, if he denied knowing him three times, and then a cock crowed, would that have any meaning?

rich b said...

One thing's for sure - one of these democrapic douchebags (redundancy?) is a liar. Guess which one.