Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ya'll Come Back Now, 'Ya Hear

While liberals are bemoaning yet another example of Obama's people being unable to reconcile their scheduling ineptitude not only with The One's super stupendous guaranteed to end America's economic woes speech and the expectation that NASCAR drivers can drop everything they are doing in the middle of the season right before the final races which will determine who will get to compete for the championship this year to attend a photo op at the White House, I figured now would be a good time to go ahead and bash them over the head with some more of their hypocrisy of the stereotypes of the south.

All over liberal message boards whenever the topic turns to the NASCAR drivers too busy to drop in on the White House there is the obligatory, it seems, remarks directed at rednecks and racists from the south. Well here is a little bit of what is going in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend. You know that bastion of bible thumping, sheet wearing, racist rednecks.

Besides the 3 college football games we are hosting there is the annual Dragon Con festival that is dedicated to all things science fiction and expected to draw 40 - 50,000 folks to town. There is the Black Gay Pride convention also in town and oh yeah a NASCAR race.

I don't think you could get a more diverse crowd of people from all across the spectrum gathered in one place. But liberals will hold on to their hate of the south and their archaic stereotypes because quite frankly, that is all they got. An all consuming, blinding hot hatred of all things that don't fit their vision of a utopian society filled with unicorns and rainbows all administered to and provided by an all seeing, all knowing central government which knows best for every single one of it's 330 million citizens.

No amount of rational logic can appeal to these folks as witnessed by what I have seen in the threads about NASCAR drivers unable to attend the White House grip and grin. Ignored by them are things like the current reigning champion, for 5 years in a row no less, is a guy from California. Drivers in NASCAR come from places like Columbia and Australia.

Yeah we southerners are just a bunch of dumb rednecks. You'll excuse me now because while I have highlighted a few big events going on around me this weekend there are scores of other little events going on and this redneck feels like going out and enjoying himself and sampling of this great diversity happening all around me.

To borrow from a writer from our local paper, "If you're a black gay or lesbian with a predilection for Spock ears and a passion for college football, your ship has come in."

That is, if it is okay with central command in the liberal establishment.


Michael Ryan said...

Was that Columbia University, or the country of Colombia?

Ok, they just had a race in Watkins Glen, but obviously what we need is more races in the northeast, closer to the population.  Say, build a track with Yankee Stadium sitting in the middle.

Just A Grunt said...

That is the country of Columbia. Juan Pablo Montoya previously competed in Formula 1 and CART.  He won the Indianapolis 500 in 2000 and is also a past champion in both those series. He hasn't had that sort of success in NASCAR which lends credibilty that NASCAR racing is the toughest brand of racing.