Friday, March 23, 2007

Environmental Wackos Give Up Toilet Paper

These people really are crazy, not to mention rather unsanitary.

The Year Without Toilet Paper
DINNER was the usual affair on Thursday night in Apartment 9F in an elegant prewar on Lower Fifth Avenue. There was shredded cabbage with fruit-scrap vinegar; mashed parsnips and yellow carrots with local butter and fresh thyme; a terrific frittata; then homemade yogurt with honey and thyme tea, eaten under the greenish flickering light cast by two beeswax candles and a fluorescent bulb.

A sour odor hovered oh-so-slightly in the air, the faint tang, not wholly unpleasant, that is the mark of the home composter. Isabella Beavan, age 2, staggered around the neo-Modern furniture — the Eames chairs, the brown velvet couch, the Lucite lamps and the steel cafe table upon which dinner was set — her silhouette greatly amplified by her organic cotton diapers in their enormous boiled-wool, snap-front cover.

A visitor avoided the bathroom because she knew she would find no toilet paper there.
You can almost see these nuts sitting around in the dark apartment wondering why nobody comes to visit any more. Read the rest of the piece if you can stomach the drivel.

UPDATE: Always the trooper, Michelle was brave enough to venture over to Beavan's website.

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