Sunday, March 18, 2007

KSM Talks, Media Yawns

Predictably, the left reacted to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's recent testimony with indifference, incredulity and ridicule. Slobs like Rosie O'Donnell, who are too stupid to realize the war we are in, continue to endanger us with their absurd commentary. The enemies of America who pranced around in Washington Saturday continue giving aid and comfort to the most vicious killers mankind has ever known.

David B. Rivkin and Rich Lowry take a look at this maddening phenomenon.
In any other war in American history, the news that a captured high-level enemy combatant had defiantly admitted his responsibility for heinous attacks against civilian targets would have whipped up a patriotic fervor. That he reaffirmed the profound nature of the ongoing confrontation between the United States and the forces of a radical enemy would have only validated the need to win and do so decisively. In any other war - but not this one.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media and much of our political elite instead question the veracity of Khalid Sheik Mohammed's admissions during his recent Guantanamo Combatant Status Review Tribunal ("CSRT") hearing, claiming that they were either boastful exaggerations or products of torture. They've also used the occasion of his confession to renew their challenge to the administration's use of a law-of-war paradigm to fight terror - arguing that people like Sheik Mohammed should be prosecuted solely through the American criminal-justice system.
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