Friday, March 30, 2007

The Season for Treason

There used to be a time when cavorting with our enemies was left to garbage like Sean Penn and and useful idiots like Dan Rather. Now we have high-ranking government officials heading off to meet with dictators (via Hot Air).
ABC News has learned Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi plans to visit Syria next week to meet with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The visit will make Pelosi the most senior U.S. official ever to meet with President Assad.

Pelosi will be traveling to Syria has part of Congressional delegation [sic]. On the trip, she also plans to visit several other countries in the region, including Israel, where she will deliver a speech to the Knesset.

Pelosi's visit to Syria would come as the United States has severed high-level contacts with Assad's government.

The administration recalled the U.S. ambassador to Damascus after the February 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri in Lebanon. There has been very little high- or mid-level U.S. contact with Syria since then.

Last December, a delegation of four Senators visited Syria, a trip that was made over the objections of the Bush Administration. At the time, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice criticized the trip as unhelpful.
These people are an absolute disgrace.

UPDATE: The White House doesn't think it's a good idea. Which is probably why this obnoxious woman is doing it. Forget about what's good for the country. She's playing to the insane nutroots.

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